“Alice provided support and guidance to Nile Swimmers whilst we were developing our five-year strategic plan.She worked diligently before hand to understand the operational remit of the organisation, and the type of support that we required from her. During the strategic meetings, Alice skilfully steered the discussions in productive directions and managed to keep our enthusiasm and passion at an appropriate level.

At the endow the process, she had captured our ideas, and as a result the organisation has a clear strategic plan to guide us through the next five years. Thank you Alice.”

Dan Graham, co-funder and trustee at Nile Swimmers 

Nile Swimmers

I commissioned Alice to lead a major research and policy advisory project to explore the talent challenges posed by digital technology advances, funded by the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications. I was impressed by Alice’s insight, creativity and smart ideas – along with her organization, strong work ethic and professionalism. The report she authored has set the tone for debates in this area and is a must read for anyone interested in how technologies are changing work, society and education.
Rachel Briggs OBE, Executive Director Hostage US (previously at ISD)

Institute for Strategic Dialogue


” We’ve engaged Alice as “Contributing Editor”, but that doesn’t come close to describing her input. As well as writing articles , advising on content and re-developing our gear section, Alice is a lively brand ambassador and frequently engages with our readers and other outdoor swimmers in a range of settings from presenting to live audiences, talking to potential customers at events and being an active member of the outdoor swimming community. She is full of ideas for growing our business and has made a valuable contribution to the magazine’s development and strategy since the re-brand” 

Simon Griffiths, Founder and Publisher, Outdoor Swimmer Magazine


Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

“Alice’s analytical strengths, strong writing skills, practical experience of working in China and speaking the local language made her the right person to work with when CottonConnect was at pre-market entry stage in 2010. Alice researched and delivered a scoping study on China, particularly focused on cotton and textiles industry, but also the wider macro environment that formed the basis for CottonConnect’s decision to enter China in 2011. Alice was thorough, researched widely, created new connections and was a great person to work with.”


Roseanne Grey, Managing Director of Virgin Unite, previously at CottonConnect

Cotton Connect

“During her time with us in Bangalore, Alice researched the Indian Companies Act and published the report ‘Business Law and Human Rights in India’. Her report provided a review of the key business legislation and legal principles governing foreign direct investment in India, in order to advocate for better disclosure and accountability regulation as well as identify key areas for reform in the current legislation. Alice’s work was very insightful and practical and the report formed the basis of further research into corporate accountability in India by Cividep.

Throughout her work, Alice was a reliable, systematic and engaged member of the team. She is fun to work with and builds strong relationships with her colleagues and associates.”  Laura Ceresna, Senior Consultant 

Civil Initiatives for Development and Peace, is a Bangalore based NGO and part of  OECD Watch